Francisco Hulse



The quality of a transcript depends on at least 5 initial factors:

  1. the quality of the recording (signal-to-noise ratio)

  2. background noise

  3. clarity of speech

  4. separation of the voices (i.e.: whether the people talk over one another)

  5. distinctness of the voices (i.e.: whether the people all sound the same)

The best ear in the world can’t compensate for a muddy recording of a mumbling speaker, but you can be sure that my transcription will be accurate: if some words are unintelligible, that’s what you will see in the transcript.

Once a transcription is performed, the transcript can be translated.

Below is a list of some of the clients I’ve transcribed for.

Drug Enforcement Agency

Global Language Solutions

Global Village Translators

Law Offices of Robert B. Jobe

KERN California Corporation

Martin Hoffman

RWS Group

University of California SF

(415) 312-0313 cell                                                                                     (415) 824-4005 fax                              Skype: franciscohulse