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An interpreter repeats what you have said in your language so that others can understand it in their language.

Consecutive interpreting: you say a sentence or two, then you pause while the interpreter renders what you’ve said into the other language. This mode of interpreting can be performed in person or over the phone.

Simultaneous interpreting: as you speak, the interpreter begins rendering what you are saying into the other language. Generally, this mode of interpreting can only be performed in person. When a speaker addresses more than one person, equipment is required.

Below is a list of some of the clients for whom I’ve performed consecutive interpreting, followed by another of some of the ones for whom I’ve provided simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive-interpreting clients:


Kathleen Aberegg, Esq.

Sherry Abrams, Esq.

Accent on Languages

Access Multilingual Services

Access Ride Interpretation Services

Accuracy International

Advanced Interpreting Services

Advanced Linguistic Services

Airada Networks

Albors & Alnet Language & Transportation Services

Albors & Associates

Alpha Translation Services, Inc.

America Translating Services

Americlic, LLC

Aracely Callaway Interpreters

Arts and Letters

William Whitley Ashley, Esq.

Associate Interpreters, Inc.

AT&T Language Line Services

Atkinson-Baker Inc.

Atlas Interpreters

Auerbach International, Inc.

BancoSal, Inc.

César Barragán, Esq.

Dwayne Beck, Esq.

Glen Belovsky, Esq.

Benemann Translation Center


Berlitz GlobalNET

Arnold I. Berschler, Esq.

Bledsoe, Cathcart, et al

The Boccardo Law Firm

Bowne Global Solutions, Inc.

Bradshaw Associates, P.C.

Joe Bravo, Esq.

Bright Beginnings (The Children's Council of San Francisco)

Michael Francis Brown, Esq.

Ilse M. Butterfield, Esq.

Buty & Curliano, LLP

Calendo, Puckett, Sheedy & DiCorrado, LLP

California Pacific Medical Center

California Translation International

Callaway & Wolf

Nicholas A. Carlin, Esq.

Carlton, Disante & Freudenberger, LLP

Century School of Languages

Certified Translation Services

Chapman, Popik & White, LLP

Clapp, Moroney, Bellagamba & Vucinich

Claudia Acevedo Interpreting Network Inc.

Claudia Castro

María de Colombia

Combs Reporting, Inc.



Community Legal Aid Society

Community Legal Centers

Sherri Conrad, Esq.

Crosby & Rowell, LLP

Brenda Cruz Keith, Esq.

Cultural Dynamics Specialists

Brian A. Del Bove, Esq.

Davenport, Gerstner & Mcclure

Dechert, LLP

Diamond Corner Café

D. M. Hogue and Associates, Inc.

Dyer & White

Eagle Bag Corporation

Electronic Merchant Systems

Excel Translations

Executive Linguist

Exotic Languages Agency

First Translations, Inc.

Douglas Fox

Victor A. García, Esq.

Gene Security Network

Neil Gerstner, Esq.

Globally Speaking, Inc.

Golden Gate Translation Service

Golden Translating Services

(Goldman) Institute On Aging / M.S.S.P.

Good, West & Schuetze

Sidelia & José Grajales

Michael L. Greenberg, Esq.

Hamilton Family Residence

Hardiman & Carroll

Dawn L. Hassel, Esq.

Hedani, Choy, Spalding & Salvagione, LLP

Hildebrand, McLeod & Nelson, Inc.


Philip Horne, Esq.

Vincent P. Hurley, Esq.

Monique Dascha Inciarte


In Other Words Interpretation and Translation Services, Inc.

International Effectiveness Center

Interpreters Net, LLC

Interpreters Unlimited

Michael Ishenko

Steven Jacobsen, Esq.

James, Eliassen & Rolph

Jewish Family and Children's Services

Just Desserts, Inc.

Kern California Corporation

KERN Global Language Services

William M. Kirkpatrick, Esq.

Kramer Translations

Aimee Krouskop

Lan Do & Associates

The Language Bank

Language Liaisons, Inc.

Language Services Associates

Languages Unlimited

Latin American Translators Network

LA Translation Inc.

Myriam Laverde

Legal Language Services

Legal-World Interpreting

Linda H. Leong, Esq.




Locker Folberg

Glen Y. Lum, Esq.

Macmorris & Carbone

Manning & Marder, Kass, Ellrod, Ramírez, LLP

Marlene Aquino Interpreting

Emma Marris

James M. Marshall, Esq.

Daniel Martínez, Esq.

Horacio Martínez Baca, Esq.

Max Acosta Interpreting, Inc.

Jim McCormick, Esq.

Jonathan McCurdy, Esq.

Mendelson & Associates

Mark Mittleman, Esq.

Mondiale Linguistics

Morrison & Foerster

Multilingua Interpreters

Multi-Lingual Translations, Corp.

Noelle Ottoboni & Associates

OLESEN Logistical Management Group, Inc.


On Lok Senior Health

Optimal Communicators, Inc.

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP

Otus & Associates

Pacific Interpreters

Painters & Tapers Local 913

Paoli & Geerhart, LLP

Paradigm Healthcare Services

Robert H. Peterson, III, Esq.

Planas & Pérez

Preventive Psychiatry Associates

Prometheus Pictures, Inc.

Protocol, Translation & International Services

Enrique Ramírez, Esq.

Lázaro Raudo

Regional Cancer Foundation

Susan F. Reyes, Esq.

Richard Schneider Enterprises

Arlene Rosen, Esq.

Stephen Rowell, Esq.

RWS Group


Sandenaw, Carrillo & Piazza

San Francisco General Hospital

The San Francisco Translating Firm

Kenneth D. Simoncini, Esq.

Snyder Law

Spectacular Vernacular

Squire, Sanders & Dempsey

Stewart Investigative Services, Inc.

Blaine M. Stoddard

Mark Stolman, Esq.


Inés Swaney

Tampa International Interpreters

Terrel Cravenho & Associates, Inc.

Thelen, Reid & Priest, LLP

3i Interpreting

Tradux Foreign Language Academy

TransPerfect Translations

Tristan Translations

Jeff Tsu, Esq.

Unlimited Languages

Elizabeth Van Der Toorren, Esq.

Walker & Hamilton

Patricia K. Walmann, Esq.

Wiley & Jobson, PC

John D. Winer, Esq.

Wolfe & Wyman, LLP

World Wide Investigations

Geoffrey T. Wren, Esq.

Jon York & Associates

Law Office of Mark J. Zanobini


Zurich American Insurance Co.

Simultaneous-interpreting clients:

AC International: Daimler-Chrysler de México conference

All Global Solutions International, Inc.: employee meeting for the Marriot Hotel

Audio Video Headquarters: Northern California Institute of Food Technologists conferences

Auerbach International: business meeting for Spanish software company

Auerbach International: business meeting on telecom IP and routing for Ericsson and a European firm

Arnold I. Berschler, Esq.: civil suit

BITTS - Berkeley Interpreting, Translation & Transcription Services: employee meeting at a winery

Breast Cancer Action: town hall meeting of BCA

Benemann Translation Center: conferences on telecommunications, dietary supplements

California Pacific Medical Center: patient histories for transplant, post-stroke and -heart attack cardiac care and diet

Cetra: market-research focus groups regarding phone service

Circlepoint: public meetings for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission on the SF Sewer System Master Plan

D. M. Hogue and Associates, Inc.: mediation

Epicenter News Service: videotaped speeches and interviews from Venezuela

Hermanos Vázquez: business meeting on using cell phone to pay for purchases at shops

HIV Prevention Section: HIV Prevention Planning Council meetings

Infant Toddler Consortium: conference on childcare

Interpreters & Translators Network: conference on education

Kimpton Hotels: employee meeting

Marlene Aquino Interpreting: conference on fundraising for nonprofit organizations

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation: Safe Seas short courses

Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives: conference on worker cooperatives

Paradigm Healthcare Services: employee meeting on fringe benefits and investment options

Plaza Research: market research interviews regarding healthcare

Precision Translating Services, Inc.: Conavi/Compaq Detailed Design meeting

San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride: InterPride conference

Service Employees International Union: board meeting

Support Center for Non-profit Management: HIV Health Services Planning Council meetings

Tristan Translations: focus group interviews

U.S. Translation Company: Kendle International Conference on an antifungal agent for onychomycosis

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